Molly started dancing when she was four years old and has never really stopped.  Six years ago she took her first belly dance class from Jalene and instantly fell in love with this art form.   The instant connection to belly dance was the same that she felt with yoga. Molly has been teaching yoga in the Seattle area for over 14 years and cannot imagine life without her daily practice. She has danced with troupes and as a soloist in restaurants, local productions, and festivals and is one of the newest members of Mish Mish’s troupe Karavans and Khan el Khalili.

Molly has studied with many stars of the belly dance world including the amazing local instructors in Seattle.  In 2015 she completed Tamalyn Dallal’s Weeklong Intensive & Teacher Training of Middle Eastern Dance and will soon be continuing the more academic study of Middle Eastern dance in part two of the “Journey through Egypt” series with the world-renowned dancer and dance ethnologist Sahra C. Kent (Saeeda).  Molly is most passionate about continuing to learn about the history and culture of dance as she continues to challenge herself to hone her movement vocabulary of belly dance and explore new styles.

As a performer, Molly is known for her infectious smile and the obvious love she has for dance.  As a yoga instructor she is known for her creative and grounded sequencing and hopes to help everyone of every stage of life and physical ability feel connected and at home in their bodies.

Besides dance and yoga, Molly is crazy about cats, lazy Sundays, and inserting “Gilmore Girls” quotes into everyday conversation.