This is so simple, but surprisingly challenging.

Here’s what you do:

Try doing everyday things with your non-dominant hand.

Things like:

• Brushing your teeth
• Curling your hair
• Using your mouse
• Using your phone
• Picking things up
• Paying for your bus fare
• Using eating utensils
• Opening the door
• And anything else you can think of (like having an ice cream cone – go on, I’m giving you permission)

Tip: It’s sometimes easy to forget the activity once you’re submerged in everyday life so wear a special ring or bracelet or mark and X on your hand in marker so it will remind you throughout the day. Or find someone that wants to play along with you and help remind each other throughout the day.

Things to think about:

How did this make you feel throughout the day? Was it funny or frustrating? Did it get easier? Did it make you slow down?

If you are a dancer or performance artist:

Try bringing this exercise into your practice this week. Use it to build up your “weaker” side. Use it for your hands, legs, hips, etc.


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Jalene has been studying various dance and movement forms since 1998. While she is still in love with dance as performance art she is currently focusing on bringing dance into everyday lives and guiding others through their own explorations of dance, artistic expression, and self-discovery.

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