Our Mission

We believe:

• Dance is for everyone. YOU are a dancer.
• It’s important to take time for yourself
• In trying to be present in the moment
• Increasing your mind-body awareness is good for the soul
• Exercise can be fun
• Being present is tough but we can help you with easy exercises
• Moving is essential for your mental and physical health and can bring more ease and enjoyment into your everyday life.
• In cultivating a fun, supportive community (and not taking ourselves too seriously)
• YOU CAN DO IT. You’re never too young, old, out of shape, or stiff to start dancing.
• Dance can have a huge impact on your everyday life.

FOR THE BEGINNER, we are here to help you:

• Break through your anxieties about your body and what other people think. Have you always wanted to take a dance class but haven’t had the time or the courage? We want to help you break past those barriers and help you discover your inner dancer.

• Stop feeling like you never have enough time for yourself. We get it, life is crazy busy. But if you don’t take time for yourself now when will you? We are here to give you inspiration and encouragement to take some ME time, even if it’s only 10 minutes.

• Discover a fun, new, healthy creative outlet and develop mind-body awareness.

• Build confidence in how you move and react to everyday life.

FOR THE PRACTITIONER, we are here to help you:

• Find inspiration and develop skills to bust through creative blocks. 

• Find time to cultivate and deepen your regular practice.

• Discover your unique style.

• Nourish your inner dancer and deepen your mind-body awareness.


• Developing your artistic style.

• Build confidence and decrease anxiety for your performances.

• Learn costuming, makeup, and performance preparation skills.

How will we do all of this?

• Telling Stories – Stories are so important to our development. They help us overcome our fears, find solidarity with others, and help us laugh at ourselves. We learn and get inspired from stories. I want to give you real, authentic stories from everyday dancers and movement artists that will help you grow your own practice. And I want YOU to share your stories too, how dance has affected your life.
• Free online movement/dance classes and exercises (even if you only have 5 minutes to spare)
• Inspiration and guidance to break you out of your creative blocks
• Guidance to find and cultivate your own style
• Movement exercises and games to build body awareness
• Tips and tricks to give your practice a kick in the pants
• Makeup, costuming, and performance tips
• Advice and exercises to help you move with more grace and less pain throughout the day
A supportive community to help you celebrate your practice and offer feedback and encouragement

Where did this all start?

Bahar started in Seattle as Jalene’s student bellydance performance troupe in 2007. It quickly transformed into a professional dance troupe and we had so much fun producing shows in Seattle. After Jalene moved to Brooklyn in 2011, some of the dancers in the troupe remained together and began performing more and more on their own. Now, in 2016 the dancers are all performing regularly with other troupes and as soloists, as well as teaching! Jalene has reunited with some of Bahar’s members to form this new online dance collective. We are so excited to share our diverse experiences and stories with you all.